Audison Connection ST2 250

Audison Connection ST2 250
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Audison Connection Sonus Serie ST2 250 Reference Cinchkabel 2.5 Meter Beschreibung:... mehr
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Audison Connection Sonus Serie

ST2 250 Reference Cinchkabel 2.5 Meter


- DURA-TEX™ outer jacket for protection and to enhance the feel and flexibility
- SOFT TOUCH™ outer jacket makes for an extremely flexible cable
- 110% TWISTED MYLAR AND ALUMINUM shield rejects RFI and EMI
- TEXTILE COTTON INTERNAL FIBERS protect silver finished conductors
- DDW™ Double Drain Wire system to drain electrostatic fields. No noise
- WTP™ Winding Twisted Pair balanced conductors reject low frequency electromagnetic fields aiding in noise rejection
- OVER 80db noise rejection
- PLATINUM SATIN machined ABS™ style connector for a strong long lasting connection
- TUG-PROOF sealed internal connection for maximum reliability
- DIE-CAST Y BLOCK for full protection of the conductors in critical split point
- REFERENCE GRADE performance

Hersteller: Audison Connection
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